London 2012 unveils ticket designs

The London 2012 Organising Committee (LOCOG) has officially unveiled the design of the tickets for this year’s Olympic Games

Each ticket design features a pictogram for the corresponding sport, while the colour scheme reflects the venue at which the event will take place, ensuring spectators know exactly where they are going. The tickets will also feature a hologram, a barcode and the name of the booker, as well as several other security features to reduce counterfeiting.  This will ensure that every ticket can be traced to the person who purchased it.

LOCOG CEO Paul Deighton said: “With the Olympic Flame now making its journey towards the Olympic Stadium, I can’t remember a more exciting week on the road to London 2012. It is important now that people keep their tickets in a safe place ready for Games time and also to be wary of websites and organisations claiming to have Games tickets to sell. In many cases, they simply do not have them to sell and there is a real danger people will end up being out of pocket and missing out on seeing the Games. If in doubt, check our website and be 100 per cent certain you are buying from an authorised source.” Tickets for the Games are still available from LOCOG and other authorised sources. The majority of tickets will be sold on and there is also a full list of authorised ticket resellers available on the website.  LOCOG also has a URL checker on its website, which will confirm whether any website claiming to sell London 2012 tickets is genuine or not.

Find out more about London’s 2012 tickets here.


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