Hima Das tests positive for COVID-19

Hima Das is in Patiala for the athletics national camp that will begin later in the month.

By Ubaid Parkar
Picture by Ben Hoskins/Getty Images for IAAF

Indian athlete Hima Das has tested positive for COVID-19 at the National Institute of Sports, Patiala, according to the Indian Express.

Hima Das, who is set to resume her training following an injury picked up at the Inter State Athletics Championships in June, is in Patiala for a national camp that will start later in the month.

Hima Das showed signs of mild exhaustion when she reached Patiala on Sunday. She is, however, stable and is placed in isolation.

Other athletes are yet to arrive at the Sports Institute. Hima Das checked in early to get a headstart.

Hima Das last competed at the Inter-State meet, an Olympic qualifying event, where she picked up a hamstring injury in the 100m heats.

As a result, Hima withdrew from the 100m finals and the 4x100m women’s relay but opted to run the 200m finals. She did not make the cut for Tokyo 2020.

Since the Olympics, two senior athletics meets have been held so far; the National Open in Telangana and the 400 championships in New Delhi.

Hima Das holds the national record in women’s 400m, women’s 4×100m relay and the 4x400m mixed relay races.