Heavy metal coming to Lillehammer 2016

No we are not talking about the latest band to join the Sjoggfest at Lillehammer 2016, we’re talking about heavy metal of the precious variety… the Youth Olympic medals are cast, polished and waiting to be awarded!

Picture by Lillehammer 2016 (3)

For the next two weeks, the athletes getting ready for Lillehammer 2016 can have sweet dreams about winning one of these shining spheres and be inspired to give their very best when they finally get onto that field of play.

One side of the medal has been designed by 20-year-old Romanian designer Ciprian Burzo who won the IOC’s prestigious Medal Design Competition last autumn, beating over 300 other entrants from 65 countries with his entry titled “To the top”.  The design depicts the Scandinavian mountains, winter, ice, skates, skis and the podium.

The reverse face of the design has been brought together by the Lillehammer 2016 organisers who took their inspiration from the four young Norwegian designers who created the visual profile and logo of the Games in the early stages of their organisation.  As a result, all the medals have youth design and creativity cast into the very precious metal that will adorn the necks of the best young athletes in the world.