Daily routine: Five things to do - 4 May

Stay strong with Olympic Channel's top 5 things to try during lockdown this Monday

By Olympic Channel

It's the start of a brand new week and countries around the world are starting to ease their COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

There’s something for everyone in today’s five activities to try, so here's hoping that you can achieve something positive with your day.

Here are our five things for today...

1)    Practice your swimming strokes

It’s been a while since any of us have been allowed near a swimming pool. But that shouldn’t stop us from working on our swimming form.

Even though the world swimming organizational body, FINA have decided to postpone the World Championships from 2021 to May of 2022, that shouldn’t be an excuse to stay out of the water.

World Champion, Adam Peaty has found a unique way of training at home while pools remain closed.

The Rio 2016 gold medallist, along with other members of Great Britain’s national team, have installed flume pools in their backyard to enable them to carry out some form of training while under confinement.

2) Get inspired

Even if you’re not a cycling fan the name Chris Froome will ring a bell.

The two-time Olympic bronze medallist in road cycling is also a four-time winner of the Tour de France.

Last year, he suffered a career-threatening accident while cycling and was hospitalised with a fractured right femur, a fractured elbow, and fractured ribs.

At 34 years of age, Froome is now training up to mount a challenge for his fifth Tour de France title as he shared with former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen during an Instagram Live chat.

““A lot of the training I've been doing has been indoors so it's almost prepared me for this whole lockdown period, and mentally I'm able to get through it a bit easier." – Chris Froome.

"Some days I'm doing up to six hours sitting on the stationary bike."

However, the Brit has expressed his concern about crowds gathering during the stages of the race which was supposed to start on 27 June but has been pushed back to 29 August.

“Would the organisers be able to keep people from coming and gathering in large crowds? Maybe that's the version of the race we need to see this year. I don't know.” – Chris Froome.

You can watch their full exchange on Froome's instagram account and don't also forget to re-watch his bronze medal performance from Rio 2016.

3) Get a workout in

Even while self isolating it's important to #stayactive and #stayfit.

So we recommend getting your daily workout in and if you need some inspiration then join us as we workout live with British snowboarder Katie Ormerod.

The 2017 Winter X Games bronze medallist should help get your heart rate up but don't break into a sweat if you didn't join us for the live session.

You can head over to our Olympic Channel's Instagram TV page and hit "PLAY".

4) Listen to David Rudisha

Two-time Olympic 800m champion David Rudisha recently posted a plea to join him in a collective effort to win the race against the corona virus.

Earlier the Kenyan world 800m record-holder had also posted:

"The only world record that matters right now is having the least number of infections in our country" - David Rudisha

So let's all continue to do our part in this pandemic.

Rudisha knows a thing or two bouncing back from adversity after surviving a car crash last year and you can read all about that in our Olympic Channel exclusive.

David Rudisha's last race was almost three years ago and the 31-year-old has battled persistent injuries since 2017.

But in the last few months, Rudisha has managed to get in a solid block of quality training and was looking forward to racing again in 2020, but like all elite athletes the world over, he is now putting his competitive come back on hold.

"I think (postponing the Olympics) was a wise decision until everything comes back to normal there is no point of risking athletes lives for now. Many athletes are slowly adjusting to the harsh realities and hopefully the world will soon find a permanent and lasting solution to this pandemic." - David Rudisha

5) Guess The Athlete

As much as you workout physically, let's not forget to keep our mind active too, so here's a little brain teaser for you.

Can you figure out who it is?