Commonwealth Games 2022 medals: Here’s how they will look and feel

The touch and feel of the medals have been created keeping the visually impaired para-athletes in mind.

By Ali Asgar Nalwala
Picture by Patch Dolan Photography

With less than 100 days to go until the opening of the Commonwealth Games 2022 in Birmingham, the look and feel of the medals have been revealed. 

Designed by three students, the medals will be awarded to all athletes, including para-athletes, competing across 19 sports and eight para-sports events at CWG 2022. The medals have been minted in a way that visually impaired athletes can feel the design. 

The design and concept of the medals were shortlisted through a competition held by Birmingham’s School of Jewellery and the Commonwealth Games organisers. 

The winning all-female team - Amber Alys, Francesca Wilcox and Catarina Rodrigues Caeiro - also designed the ribbon and the box for the medal. The ribbon attached to the medal is adjustable, so that it sits comfortably when worn, no matter the height of the athlete.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games gold medal, box and ribbon.
Picture by Patch Dolan Photography

“It has been incredible to see our designs come to life, and we're delighted with the medals, ribbons and presentation boxes,” Amber Alys said. “We wanted to create something with a jewel-like quality so that the athletes had something that they could treasure for the rest of their lives. We really hope the athletes like them.”

The medals’ embossed areas resemble the aerial map of the host region’s road and canal network, reflecting the journey that athletes take to reach their goal of competing at the Commonwealth Games. The box, in which the medal is kept, also features the aerial map design of the host region. 

Overall, 1,875 medals will now be produced for the 283 medal events that are part of the Birmingham Games. This is also the first time that there will be more medal events for women (136) than men (134) at the Commonwealth Games. The remaining 13 medals will be awarded in the mixed events.

Close-up of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games gold medal.
Picture by Patch Dolan Photography

The gold and silver medals will weigh around 150 grams while the bronze medal will weigh around 130 grams. The medals are 63mm in diameter and 74.3 mm in length.

Toye, Kenning and Spencer, a family-owned business that has been based in Birmingham for more than 200 years, will be minting the medals.

The medals will be presented at the victory ceremonies at all the 15 Birmingham 2022 competition venues. The Commonwealth Games will be held from July 28 to August 8.


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