Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games Torch 2

Picture by Beijing 2022 Organising Committee

Did you know?

The colour choice for the torch, as well as the cloud patterns covering its handle, are a nod to elements of the 2008 torch, according to its designer Li Jianye.

The inspiration behind the Olympic Torch for Beijing 2022
Picture by Beijing 2022 Organising Committee

“By using the same colour combination and by sharing similar artistic elements with the 2008 torch, we aim to extend auspicious greetings to the world as we did at the Summer Games and to showcase Beijing’s rich Olympic culture,” Li said.

A unique feature of the torch will be on display during the Olympic Torch Relay, as torchbearers will be able to exchange the flame by interlocking the two torches via the 'ribbon' construction, symbolizing Beijing 2022’s vision to 'promote mutual understanding and respect between different cultures'.

Facts and figures

Made of carbon-fibre materials, the torch is light, resistant to high temperatures, and is primarily fueled by hydrogen (and thus is emission-free) - which is in keeping with the Beijing Organising Committee's endeavour to stage a 'green and high-tech Games'.

The final design was selected from 182 entries in a global competition.



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