'All Around' stars reflect on Olympic postponement

The gymnastics documentary series featuring Morgan Hurd, Angelina Melnikova and Chen Yile is back with a special double episode

By Scott Bregman

What do you get when you follow three world-class gymnasts from three totally different systems? The in-depth, behind-the-scenes Olympic Channel documentary series All Around.

Since filming began in April 2019, All Around has followed 2017 World all-around champion Morgan Hurd of the United States, 2019 World all-around bronze medallist Angelina Melnikova of Russia, and 2018 Asian Games all-around gold medallist Chen Yile of China on their shared quest: standing on the medals podium at Tokyo 2020.

With the Olympic Games in Tokyo postponed a year due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the clock on that common dream has been reset.

All three are facing this latest test with the poise and fortitude that has brought them to the forefront of women’s gymnastics internationally.

“I believe that this is the correct decision,” said Hurd. “I look at this in a positive light. It gives me a longer period to get strong and upgrade.”

“The postponement of the Olympics will not affect my motivation to train,” said Chen. “We will all become stronger.”

“I will still train the same and be patient,” Melnikova said. “I will stay focused on my goal until the end.”

And so will All Around.

The next two full-length episodes for 2020 will be released Saturday and the series will live on with regular updates via Olympic Channel’s social media and website.

In the meantime, take a look back at Hurd, Melnikova and Chen’s journey so far.

'The Tokyo 2020 Journey Begins' | Episode 1

In the first episode of All Around, Hurd, Chen and Melnikova set out on a their journey towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

'No Summer Break' | Episode 2

Yile returns to training ahead of the world championships, Morgan has a crazy summer with three competitions in three weeks, and Angelina competes in Russian Cup and takes a break to enjoy her hobby.

'Stuttgart Calling' | Episode 3

The 2019 World Championships are here. Yile aims for the podium despite not having fully recovered; Morgan feels the pressure after her 2017 success; and Angelina is training “endlessly” to prove she is Russia’s top gymnast. Will they all make it?

'World Championships Special' | Episode 4

Chen Yile is back with the Chinese national team removing all doubts about her injury recovery; Angelina Melnikova stuns the world with her performance and medals; and Morgan Hurd, hurting at home in Delaware, starts prepping for a comeback.

'Time to Refocus' | Episode 5

The world championships are over and it’s time to look ahead to 2020. Angelina is back home enjoying family time after Stuttgart success; Yile, fresh off being crowned the best female athlete of the 2018 Asian Games, worries about returning from injury; and Morgan starts in on her new 2020 choreography.

'Upgrade Season' | Episode 6

Yile is gradually recovering from her injury; Morgan is happy with developing new skills; and Angelina enjoys Christmas in Moscow. All Around is the Olympic Channel's first original gymnastics documentary series, with new episodes released monthly until Tokyo 2020. Watch now!

'It's Not All Work' | Episode 7

Angelina is back to training after her first ever snowboarding trip; Morgan and her mother open up about the adoption story; Yile, who has made big progress on recovery, enjoys some fun training games with her teammates and coaches.

'The Calm Before the Storm' | Episode 8

Morgan is at U.S. team camp perfecting her Olympic year routines; Yile enjoys some family time for the Chinese New Year; and Angelina is prepping for a busy competition season.