Alexandra Trusova reveals career quad jump goals and Olympic dreams

"I want to become an Olympic champion", says the first skater to land a quad in an international ladies' competition.

By ZK Goh

Russia's Alexandra Trusova is dreaming big as she continues working with new coach Evgeni Plyuschenko at his academy.

It comes as no surprise that the figure skater's stated career goal, according to quotes reported by RT, is "to become an Olympic champion". But she also has on-ice goals she wants to reach.

"I need to skate well and to spin well. Quintuple jumps? Well I don’t know yet, I need to learn all quads before that," she reportedly said.

Trusova already has the quadruple toe loop, quadruple Lutz, and quadruple flip in her arsenal, being the first woman to land each of those jumps at an international competition.

Quad loop

Trusova has yet to land the quadruple loop and the quadruple Salchow in competition, while she fell on a triple Axel attempt at December's Grand Prix Final.

However, Plyuschenko recently revealed that Trusova has been working hard on the quad loop and triple Axel in training.

"Sasha managed to again execute all of her quadruple jumps. Everything is in order with the triple Axel, with the flip, with the Rittberger (loop), and with all the jumps," he said.

Trusova, who trained under Eteri Tutberidze until May, is also working with assistant coach Sergei Rozanov, another Tutberidze-to-Plyuschenko transfer.


Trusova, who is still only 16, also revealed why she had made the decision to leave Tutberidze for Plyuschenko – a move since followed by training partner Alena Kostornaia.

RT reports her as saying she wanted to work with a specialist, who himself jumped quads during his competitive career.

Last season, Trusova sacrificed artistry for her jumps which didn't always work out. She finished third at the Grand Prix Final, Russian national championships, and European Championships, each time behind Kostornaia and fellow Tutberidze pupil Anna Shcherbakova.

It's something Plyuschenko hopes to change.

Speaking back in July, he said: "This year's programs will be very rich, not 'run up and jump', but a lot of work on step sequences and transitions.

"Sergei and I have plans for her to do difficult steps, like in men's singles, and she does them cleverly. Now we are working on costumes, speaking with global designers to make an outfit for her. Sasha now feels great, just like the other team members."

ISU Grand Prix assignments for 2020/21 have yet to be announced, but it is expected that Trusova will compete at the Rostelecom Cup, scheduled from 20–22 November.