Wolfgang HANISCH

German Democratic Republic (Germany) GDR


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    1 B
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    Moscow 1980
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Wolfgang HANISCH

Wolfgang Hanisch won the javelin bronze medal at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, although this competition was highly influenced by official’s manipulation. First, the third attempt of eventual winner Dainis Kūla was measured although he clearly had fouled. It was also reported that later attempts were influenced by opening the stadium gates to give them a trailing wind whenever a Soviet thrower began his approach.

Hanisch successfully took part in the World Cups in 1977 (second) and 1979 (first); the European Championships in 1971 (bronze), 1974 (silver) and 1978 (bronze); and the European Cups 1973 (sixth), 1977 (fourth), and 1979 (first). Domestically Hanish was East German Champion in 1976-78, and was runner-up in 1971-72. He was educated as a shop fitter, but later worked as a school teacher, educator and geriatric nurse. Until German reunification he was also an official in the Deutscher Turn- und Sportbund (German Gymnastics and Sports Association) of the former GDR and Head of Sport at his homeclub SC Chemie Halle.

Personal Best\: JT – 91.14 (1978).

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