Wilhelm WEBER

Germany GER

Artistic Gymnastics

  • Olympic Medals
    1 S
    1 B
  • Games participations
  • First Olympic Games
    St. Louis 1904
  • Year of Birth
Olympic Results


Wilhelm WEBER

Wilhelm Weber was a gymnast and track and field athlete, who participated in three consecutive Olympic Games from 1904-08. In 1904 he won two Olympic medals as a gymnast with bronze in the individual all-around (apparatus work) and silver in the individual all-around. At those Games there was also another competition in field sports, in which he finished 21st. In 1906 he claimed a fifth, sixth and seventh place in individual all-around events, and in 1908 in London his result is not known. By profession Weber owned a cigar production company.


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Olympic Results

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Olympic Results
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London 1908

Individual All-Around
Individual All-Around Artistic Gymnastics
Olympic Results
Results Event Sport

St. Louis 1904

Individual All-Around, Apparatus Work
Individual All-Around, Apparatus Work Artistic Gymnastics
Individual All-Around, Apparatus Work and Field Sports
Individual All-Around, Apparatus Work and Field Sports Artistic Gymnastics
Individual All-Around, Field Sports
Individual All-Around, Field Sports Artistic Gymnastics