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    Barcelona 1992
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Wendy Bruce competed in gymnastics at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, winning a bronze medal with the US team, although she did not qualify for any individual finals. Bruce competed at the 1989 World Championships, finishing 11th in all-around, after winning the World Team Trials in all-around. She also won the all-around at the 1992 US Classic. After the Olympics she performed exhibitions but returned in 1994 in an attempt to make another Olympic team, although that did not occur when she stopped competing after that year. She then continued to perform in exhibitions, notably with the 1996 Mall Tour and at Sea World gymnastics shows, and competed in professional competitions.

Bruce later married, becoming Wendy Martin, and had two children. She returned to gymnastics at Brown’s Gymnastics in Altamonte Springs, Florida. She also began competing in fitness competitions, finishing second at the 2004 Fitness America event.

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Barcelona 1992

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Individual All-Around
Individual All-Around Gymnastics
Team All-Around
Team All-Around Gymnastics
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Floor Exercise
Floor Exercise Gymnastics
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Horse Vault
Horse Vault Gymnastics
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Uneven Bars
Uneven Bars Gymnastics
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Balance Beam
Balance Beam Gymnastics