Vsevolod BOBROV

Olympic Medals
Games Participations2
First Olympic GamesHelsinki 1952
Year of Birth1922


Vsevolod Bobrov was a multi-talented athlete. He was originally schooled in football and bandy, but came into contact with ice hockey on a tour of Britain. He then started playing both sports, hockey in winter and football in summer, for CSKA and later VVS Moskva. Bobrov started his career as a footballer in 1938, playing with Dynamo Leningrad. After World War II, he played with CSKA Moskva, then from 1950-52 with VVS Moskva and he ended his football career in 1953 with Spartak Moskva. He won Soviet football titles in 1946-48 and 1953, and was capped three times. All those three matches were played at the 1952 Olympics and he scored five goals in those three matches. He was also the best goal scorer at the Soviet Championships in 1945 (24 goals) and 1947 (14 goals).

He was much more successful in hockey, winning seven national championships (1948-52, and 1955-56) and topping the scoring list regularly, averaging nearly two goals a game during his career. He was the best goal scorer at the Soviet Championships in 1948 (52 goals), 1951 (42 goals) and 1952 (37 goals). He played most of his career from 1947-57 with CSKA Moskva, with a brief interlude in VVS Moskva from 1951-53.

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