Vladimir ALIKIN

Soviet Union SUN


  • Olympic Medals
    1 G
    1 S
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  • First Olympic Games
    Lake Placid 1980
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Vladimir ALIKIN

Vladimir Alikin made his international début at the 1979 World Championships, where he won a bronze in the relay. He would win three more bronzes at the World Championships – in the relay in 1981 and 1982 and in the 10 km in 1982. The high point of Alikin's career was at the 1980 Olympic Winter Games, where he won gold in the relay, silver at 10 km and was eighth in the 20 km. Domestically he was Soviet champion in 10 km in the 1981, in the 25 km military patrol event in 1983 and in the relay and 25 km military patrol event in 1985. After his sporting career Alikin worked as a biathlon coach, serving as the Russian national team head coach in 2007.

Olympic Results

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Olympic Results
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Lake Placid 1980

10 kilometres Sprint
10 kilometres Sprint Biathlon
20 kilometres
20 kilometres Biathlon
4 × 7.5 kilometres Relay
4 × 7.5 kilometres Relay Biathlon