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Skateboard sensation Sky Brown turned 13 just a couple of weeks before the opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020. She was the youngest British Olympian of all time (beating Margery Hinton, who swam at the 1928 Games aged 13 years and 43 days), and one of the youngest competitors in Tokyo.

And she lit up the tournament not just with her skills, but in the togetherness she was part of as the fiercely-competitive athletes encouraged, cheered and hugged each other throughout a scintillating Park event.

Brown has a strong connection to Tokyo: her mother Mieko is Japanese. The skateboarder – whose father is English, but who divides her life between living in Japan and California – decided to compete for Team GB as it would be less pressure than representing the home nation.

As it turned out, the rival skaters took the pressure off each others' shoulders. As Sakura Yosozumi took gold, falls on her first two runs in the final looked to have Brown off the podium. But her first clean run of the competition saw the 13-year-old clinch bronze behind 12-year-old Kokona Hiraki.

Part of the International Olympic Committee’s drive to have more youth-oriented events at the Games, many are predicting that Brown can become the next Chloe Kim or Shaun White – star snowboarders who have helped legitimise their sports at the Winter Games.

“Skateboarding is a playground,” she said before the Games. “I don’t really train. I don’t have a coach. I just skate."

It almost never happened, with Brown suffering life-threatening injuries in 2020 after falling 15 feet onto flat concrete. Her recovery and subsequent medal show just what a special athlete we have to look forward to again at Paris 2024.

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