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Silvana LIMA

There is a word to describe Brazillian surfer Silvana Lima: resilient.

Born in 1984 and growing up in a snack-shack on the ocean’s edge in Paracuru, Brazil, Lima’s very first surfboard was a plank of wood. Before taking her makeshift board out on the waves she fashioned a fin for it by making a hole inside. Lima wouldn’t get her first proper surfboard until she was 14 and even then, it was second-hand.

Fighting through surfing’s ranks accumulating national championships in her stride, Lima’s on-and-off career on the World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) began in 2006. For the next five years, the Brazilian seriously impressed, finishing third in 2007 before being twice a runner-up in 2008 and 2009.

Injuries to her knee ligaments forced Lima out of the competition in 2012. In 2013, she received an injury wildcard, but the pain persisted ultimately forcing her off Tour entirely. Where many would have called time, the Brazilian kept going. She won the 2014 Qualifying Series (QS), returning her back to surfing's elite level. But by the end of the year, she failed to gain any traction in the points forcing her off the CT again.

Securing sponsorship and funding for the QS, in order to get back on the CT, proved to be challenging for the surfer who was obliged to sell her apartment, car and even raise bulldog puppies so that she could launch a QS campaign. By the end of 2016, it all proved to be worth it as Lima again emerged victorious and found herself back on the CT for the third time.

Somewhat incredibly, in 2021 Lima once again worked her way through the Qualifying Series. In 2019 a series of injuries and inconsistent performances meant that the Brazilian fell out of the CT. Fortunately for Lima, as the second-rated Brazilian on the CT she was provisionally selected - and then confirmed - to represent her country in surfing's debut at Tokyo 2020, where she finished 5th.

Tudo passa” meaning, ‘everything passes’, is the tattoo etched on Lima’s right arm. No doubt it is a reminder to her and everyone watching that even after all the hardships there is calm and an opportunity to begin again.

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