Sherman Rockwell CLARK

United States of America USA

  • Olympic Medals
    1 G
    1 S
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  • First Olympic Games
    Antwerp 1920
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Sherman Rockwell CLARK

Sherm Clark is the only American to cox two medal-winning boats at one Olympics. Clark went to the Naval Academy, graduating in 1922. At the 1920 Olympics he coxed the U.S. Naval Academy eight and filled in as a cox for the Penn Barge Club four. He made his career as a naval officer, initially being appointed Commanding Officer of a destroyer. In 1942-43 Clark commanded several destroyer flotillas. In 1944 he took over the command of Destroyer Squadron 50 in the Pacific Theatre. After World War II he became Commander of Destroyer Flotilla Three, supporting the nationalist Chinese government in the civil war against the communists in 1947. Clark retired in 1971 as a rear admiral.

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Antwerp 1920

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