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Ever since she was a little girl, Shauna Coxsey dreamt of being an Olympian. But she never thought it was possible.

That was until it was announced that sport climbing would be joining the plethora of sports at the Games, and suddenly her dream was closer than it had ever been before. And she seized the opportunity to make it happen when she became the first climber to be selected to represent Great Britain in the sport at Tokyo 2020.

The climber has been infatuated with the sport since she was a child, watching the Adventure Channel with her dad when she was just three before eventually taking it up when she was four. Not soon after she began competing, and the rest is history.

For Coxsey, the moments that defined her are the competitions that she has been ever-present in since 2012. An incredible five year run in the CWIF (Climbing Works International Festival) saw her go unbeaten, clinching gold every year up until 2016. A similar tale would unfold in the British Championships, where once again she went unattested taking home six titles.

When it came to the World Cup, Coxsey had experienced the feeling of finishing on each step of the podium, but it was 2016 and 2017 when she took her climbing to the next level to get her hands on the all-elusive gold and back-to-back titles. 2019 saw her pick up two bronze medals – in combined and bouldering – ultimately confirming her place on Team GB for the Games.

Tokyo 2020 though was Coxsey’s first and last Olympic Games, with the 28-year-old announcing that she was stepping away from competitive climbing.

Having spent much of her career excelling in bouldering, the Games presented a new challenge for Coxsey, and other climbers, pushing them to demonstrate their ability in three disciplines – lead, bouldering, and speed.

In Tokyo, she came fourth in qualifying in bouldering, but her results in speed and lead meant she missed out on the final.

And though she’s drawn the curtain on her competitive career, she says she’s still excited to continue sharing this ‘wild’ life of hers with everyone and no longer put other things on hold.

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