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    Athens 1896
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The first Austrian Olympic champion, Paul Neumann, had won the 1894 Austrian championships over 500 m. He would win his Olympic title in that same event, which was skipped by Hajós, who won the two other swimming events. Neumann also attempted the 1200 m freestyle, but this was held immediately after the 500 m, and he had to abandon the race. Neumann then moved to the US to continue his medical studies in Chicago and Philadelphia. There, he continued swimming, but under the name Dr. Paul Newman. He set new world records in the 2, 3, 4 and 5 miles, and won US and Canadian championships. Neumann eventually became a physician, and founded the Austrian organisation for school doctors. He has been inducted in the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame (1984) and International Swimming Hall of Fame (1986).

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Athens 1896

500 metres Freestyle
500 metres Freestyle Swimming
1,200 metres Freestyle
1,200 metres Freestyle Swimming