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Norman Pritchard is a "controversial" Olympian in that he is claimed by both Britain and India as having competed for them at the 1900 Olympics. The doyen of British Olympic historians, Ian Buchanan, notes that Pritchard was a member of an old colonial family and although he was born in India, he was indisputedly British. The Indian Olympic historian, Gulu Ezekiel, claims Pritchard based on his birth and the fact that he lived in India for many years. Pritchard moved to England in the summer of 1900 and was elected a member of London AC in June after which he competed in the AAA Championships, which he entered as a member of the London AC and the Bengal Presidency AC, further adding to the confusion. The British team was chosen for the 1900 Olympics based on the results of the 1900 AAA Championships, and Pritchard's runner-up finish to Al Kraenzlein in the 120y hurdles garnered him Olympic selection. Buchanan notes that the Paris program lists him as a member of the AAA team, and that The New York Times referred to him as an "Englishman".

Although not a match for the best athletes at the 1900 Olympics, he was a solid sprinter and hurdler, winning the Bengal 100 yards title for seven consecutive years (1894-1900) and was also Bengal champion at 440 yards and 120y hurdles, which would lend support to the Indian claim. He was also at one time Secretary of the Indian FA. He later moved to the United States, where he took the name Norman Trevor, and became a silent movie star, appearing alongside Ronald Coleman in 27 movies for MGM. But he died penniless in California, in and out of mental asylums, presumably from a chronic brain disease, unclassified in that era.

Personal Bests: 100 – 10.9 (1899); 200 – 22.6e (1900); 110H – 15.4y (1899); 200H – 26.2 (1900).


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Paris 1900

#2 h4 r2/3
100 metres
100 metres Athletics
100 metres, Handicap
100 metres, Handicap Athletics
110 metre hurdles, Handicap
110 metre hurdles, Handicap Athletics
110 metres Hurdles
110 metres Hurdles Athletics
200 metres
200 metres Athletics
200 metres Hurdles
200 metres Hurdles Athletics
400 metre hurdles, Handicap
400 metre hurdles, Handicap Athletics
400 metres Hurdles
400 metres Hurdles Athletics
#3 h1 r1/2
60 metres
60 metres Athletics