Nandor DANI

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    Athens 1896
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Nandor DANI

Nándor Dáni competed in several sports. He was a member of MAC Budapest as a track athlete and bicycle racer, Neptun Evezős Egyesület as a rower, and BKE as a speedskater. Dáni was a multiple Hungarian record holder and champion. His record for 100 yards (10.3), which he ran in 1894, stayed unbroken for nine years and his record over 880 yards (2:05.5) for 14 years. Selected to the Hungarian Olympic Team for the 1896 Olympics he won the first Olympic medal for Hungary, in the 800 metres, behind winning Australian Edwin Flack.

After completing his sports career, Dáni became a member of the Hungarian Athletics Association's presidency, and worked as a director and then chairman of a carbonic acid factory.

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Athens 1896

800 metres
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