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For Miho Nonaka, Tokyo 2020 was a chance for her powerful climbing skills to make her a household name not only in her native Japan, but worldwide. And she grasped it with both hands.

The Tokyo-born bouldering sensation, who can be seen on adverts all around her home country, took silver on climbing's debut at the Olympics - second only to perhaps the greatest sports climber of all time, Janja Garnbret of Slovenia.

Climbing is very much in the Japanese star's family. By the time Nonaka started to climb at age nine, her father loved mountain climbing and her sis had already started climbing at the gym.

The friendly sibling rivalry inspired Nonaka to keep pushing and improving – something which she has consistently done ever since she burst on the scene back in 2014. The Bouldering World Cups have witnessed the gradual progression; she came 3rd in 2015, 2nd in 2016 and finally got her hands on the title in 2018, an insight to her ability in this discipline.

She also won a silver in the 2016 World Championships and a gold at the 2015 Asian Championships.

But, in preparation for the Olympic Games – where climbers competed in lead, bouldering, speed for combined – Nonaka began competing in lead and speed. In 2019, she won three Climbing Japan Cup events in bouldering, speed and combined.

It was her 5th placed ranking at the Hachioji Combined Finals that secured her place at the Tokyo Olympics, putting her in good stead ahead of the Games.

In 2021, with preparations for Tokyo in full swing, Nonaka made a final for each of the three disciplines for the first time in her career. Her competition, however, was ultimately cut short due to an injury.

But her newfound versatility paid off. Overcoming the pain of injuries that had led her to withdraw from all competition in the runup to the Games, she finished third in speed and bouldering, and fifth in the lead to share the podium with Garnbret and fellow Japanese Akiyo Noguchi.

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