Meredith Charles GOURDINE

United States of America USA


  • Olympic Medals
    1 S
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  • First Olympic Games
    Helsinki 1952
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Meredith Charles GOURDINE

Meredith Gourdine of Cornell won the 1951 IC4A with a career best of 25-9¾ (7.87) and at the same meet won the 220y hurdles. In the Olympic year, Gourdine beat Jerome Biffle to win the Final Trials. One week earlier, at the AAU, he had also defeated Biffle, although finishing second to George Brown. However, Biffle won the one that mattered, finishing a bare four centimeters ahead of Gourdine in the Olympic final.

Personal Best: LJ – 7.81 (1951).

Olympic Results

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Helsinki 1952

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