Margaret Ives ABBOTT

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    Paris 1900
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Margaret Ives ABBOTT

In winning the golf competition at Paris 1900, Margaret Abbott became the USA’s first ever female Olympic champion, an achievement that she remained unaware of for the rest of her life.

Women take their bow

Running from May to October 1900, the second edition of the Olympic Games of the modern era were held in conjunction with the Paris World Fair. These were the first Games to feature women, who competed in an eclectic mix of events that included tennis, archery, sailing, equestrianism, rowing, croquet, angling, life- saving, boules and golf.

Passage to Paris

Born in Kolkata, India, in 1878, Margaret Ives Abbott arrived in Paris in 1899. She was accompanied by her mother Mary, a literary reviewer and novelist, who wanted her to study art in the French capital and to make the most of their visit by attending the World Fair.

A family affair

Both mother and daughter were accomplished golfers, with the young Margaret having made a name for herself back home in Chicago by winning a number of women’s tournaments. On discovering that an international women’s golf competition was being organised in Paris, they both entered, the first and only time to date that a mother and daughter have competed in the same Olympic event.

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