Born on 26 January 1993, American-Finnish skateboarder Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Armanto, discovered her sport when at 14 years old she followed her younger brother to a skate park. While he chipped his tooth and turned away from the ramps, she couldn’t stop.

Since that fortuitous day, Armanto has scaled impressive heights and verts to become a trailblazer in women’s skateboarding. In 2018 global notoriety was guaranteed for the skateboarding star when she became the first woman to successfully complete legend Tony Hawk’s 360 loop.

The Santa Monica native turned professional during college and began competing in 2010. During her skating career, Armanto has won over 30 skateboarding awards, including placing first in the Overall World Cup ranking (points race) for three consecutive years (2010-2012). The skater unveiled her full potential when struck gold in her X Games debut in Barcelona in 2013. The competition is regarded as skate park’s most prestigious event. She has since a silver (2014) and a bronze (2019) to her X-Games tally.

Games Participations1
First Olympic GamesTokyo 2020
Year of Birth1993
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