Speed SkatingSpeed Skating
Games Participations1
First Olympic GamesSapporo 1972
Year of Birth1947


Leo Linkovesi won the first official World Sprint Championships in 1972. In January 1972 he set a 500 m World Record of 38.0, the first of four skaters to achieve this mark before it was beaten by Yevgeni Kulikov three years later. He was one of the favorites for the Olympic 500 metres in 1972, but disappointed by placing sixth. As of 2014 he is still the last Finn to set a speed skating world record and win an international title. He joined the professional speed skating league in 1973, and was one of the best sprinters among pros. After the professional league went bankrupt in 1974 he continued skating at a national level until 1980.

Personal Bests: 500 – 38.0 (1972); 1000 – 1:19.3 (1972); 1500 – 2:10.3 (1972); 5000 – 8:34.7 (1969); 10000 – 17:54.5 (1970).

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