Kvetoslava JERIOVA

Cross-Country SkiingCross-Country Skiing
Olympic Medals
Games Participations2
First Olympic GamesLake Placid 1980
Year of Birth1956


As a youth, Květa Jeriová did figure skating and gymnastics, before taking up cross-country skiing. A member of the Czechoslovakian national team from 1974-84, Jeriová competed at two Olympic Games (1980/1984) and two World Championships (1978/1982) during her career. Jeriová won an Olympic relay silver in 1984 and Olympic 5 km bronzes in 1980 and 1984. She also won the 10 km bronze at the 1982 World Championships, 5 km at the 1981 Holmenkollen ski festival and eight individual World Cup races. Jeriová was selected as the best female Czechoslovakian athlete-of-the-year in 1984. She retired from sports after the 1984 Olympics and later worked as a school teacher in Litoměřice, and also became a member of the Executive Committee of Czech National Olympic Committee. In 2000s, Jeriová also entered politics, when she ran unsuccessfully for the Czech Senate as an independent candidate from Litoměřice district in 2006 and also ran unsuccessfully in district elections in 2008. She is married to former Czechoslovakian rower Zdeněk Pecka, who won two Olympic bronzes in 1976 and 1980.

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