Kellog Kennon Venable CASEY

United States of America USA


  • Olympic Medals
    1 G
    1 S
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    London 1908
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Kellog Kennon Venable CASEY

Kellogg Casey was one of the greatest long range shots in American shooting history. In the 1908 free rifle event, shot prone at 1,000 yards, Casey shot a two (of five) early in his string that seemed to put him out of contention, but he came through beautifully near the end to finish second overall. Three times Casey won the Wimbledon Cup, given to the American champion in long range shooting. Besides his competitive shooting, Casey also fought in the Spanish-American War as a member of the 71st U.S. Infantry. His career was as director of military sales for the DuPont Company for whom he worked for over 30 years.

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London 1908

Free Rifle, 1,000 Yards
Free Rifle, 1,000 Yards Shooting
Military Rifle, 200/500/600/800/900/1,000 Yards, Team
Military Rifle, 200/500/600/800/900/1,000 Yards, Team Shooting