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Karl Ferdinand Ritter von HALT

Dr. Karl Ritter von Halt was an officer in World War I on the West and Alpine front, and in 1917 was knighted with the Military-Max-Joseph-Order. He received his doctorate in economics after the war and managed a role in the private Jewish banking institute “Aufhäuser” in München. In 1933 von Halt joined the right-wing National Socialist Party NSDAP. From 1935-45 he was First Director of the Deutsche Bank, and from 1938 was a board member responsible for personnel and operating guides. During the Third Reich he was part of the personal circle of friends “Reichsführer-SS” and became a multi-sport official. After World War II he was interned by the Soviets for four years in the special camp at Buchenwald. In 1950 he returned to München and worked again as a manager at various banks. Despite his various publications during the Nazi regime and his obvious enthusiasm for Nazi politics, he was able to continue his official career after his release from prison.

Ritter von Halt was the flagbearer of the German team at the 1912 Opening Ceremony, competing in the 4x100 relay, shot put, javelin throw, pentathlon, and decathlon. In 1928, he was head of the German Delegation, while in 1932 at Los Angeles he was a member of the athletics jury. Von Halt served as President of the Organizing Committee at the 1936 Winter Olympics in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. For the Summer Games in Berlin he was a Member of the Presidium of the Organizing Committee and responsible for the implementation of the athletics competitions, also as an athletics jury member. In 1940 he was the President of the Organizing Committee of the proposed Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and in 1952-60 was Chairman of the German Olympic Committee.

As a sports official, von Halt served as Head of Sport in the Deutsche Sportbund für Athletik DSBfA (German Sports Federation for Athletics) (1925-33, 1937); Head of Women’s Sport (1937), Council Member, IAAF and the Rule and Records Committee (1926-46); Chairman, DSBfA (1931-45); IOC Member (1929-64; Executive Board in 1937-46 and 1958-63), Chairman, Provisional German Handball Federation (1931-34); President, International Handball Federation (1931-38); IAAF European Committee Member for the European Championships (1932-42), Reich Department Office Manager for Athletics (1933-46), German Olympic Committee Board Member (1934-45), Reich Department Office Manager for Bobsled and Luge (1938-45), Chairman, IAAF European Commission (1942-46); Provisional Reich Sports Leader (1944-45); President, German NOC (1951-61) as well as Assessor and Board Member of the German Sports Confederation, finally serving in 1950 as Honorary Chairman of the German Athletics Association. Among his multiple awards were the Hanns-Braun-Price (1921), Great Cross of Merit with Star (1956), the Garmisch-Partenkirchen stadium renamed as the Dr. Ritter von Halt Stadium (1958), IAAF Veterans Needle (1960), and Honor Ring of the German Athletics Federation (1963).

Personal Bests\: 100 – 10.8 (1910); SP – 13.32 (1913); JT – 42.94 (1914); Dec – 5967 (1914).

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