Jingjing GUO

People's Republic of China
TeamPeople's Republic of China
Olympic Medals
Games Participations4
First Olympic GamesAtlanta 1996
Year of Birth1981


Guo Jingjing was the fourth diver to win four Olympic gold medals (following Fu Mingxia, Greg Louganis and Pat McCormick) and at her retirement, was the female diver with the most Olympic medals (trailing only Dmitry Sautin among men). Uniquely, Guo won her medals on the springboard (3 m) only, while the others also medaled in the platform (10 m). After winning two silver medals in the 2000 Games – together with Fu in the synchronized springboard – Guo doubled in the springboard and synchronized springboard at both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics, teaming up with Wu Minxia for the synchronized events on both occasions. At World Championships, she displayed a similar superiority. Between 2001 and 2009, she won five consecutive titles in both springboard events.

Jingjing GUO

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