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Dr. Inge Bausenwein won two German javelin titles during the war years (1941 and 1943), and won again from 1947-49. She was also runner-up in 1946 and 1952. At the 1952 Helsinki Olympics she finished twelfth in the javelin.

After high school she studied sport, history and geography. In 1943-44 she worked as a teacher at a girls' school. As a war-widow she was allowed to receive a second degree in medicine in 1944, and in 1950 she married the neurologist Dr. Jörg Bausenwein.

Bausenwein's impressive sports official career began after the 1952 Olympics, when Dr. Max Danz appointed her as the team doctor for the German national team. She then served as Chairwoman of the women's sports section of the German Sports Medical Association from 1959-87, and was also responsible as a youth and sports physician at the Health Ministry for the school and gymnastics education during that period. In 1960-70 she was a lecturer in sports medicine at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Since the formation of the Federal Institute of Sports she served as a science member in the section of Sports Medicine and was Head of the Working Group )High Performance Sport of Women) (1965-73) in the then Federal Committee for the Promotion of High Performance Competitive Sports. Bausenwein was also Chairwoman of the Women's Advisory Council Committee within in the German Sports Association DSB (1968-70 and 1974). She later served as director of the service center for Women's High Performance Sport in Nuremberg. She was awarded the DLV-gold pin in 1964 and the )Silberne Mannschafts Lorbeerblatt) (Silver Team bay leaf) in 1951.

Personal Best\: JT – 45.90 (1941).

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