Ibolya CSAK

Hungary HUN


  • Olympic Medals
    1 G
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  • First Olympic Games
    Berlin 1936
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Ibolya CSAK

Starting out as a gymnast, Ibolya Csák was one the best female high jumpers of the 1930s. In 1936, she won the Olympic gold, although she would have placed second by modern-day rules. Together with Dorothy Odam and Elfriede Kaun, Csák had cleared 1.60 (in two tries, compared to one for Odam) and failed at 1.62. In the tie-breaker for the medals, Csák was the only to clear 1.62, taking home the gold. Two years later, Csák would win her second international title in an even more unusual fashion. She originally placed second at the European Championships behind Germany's Dora Ratjen, who, on the ride home after victory, was uncovered as a man (though raised as a girl) and subsequently disqualified. Csák retired from sports in 1939, having won seven consecutive Hungarian titles in the high jump (1933-39) as well as two in the long jump (1937, 1939). She later worked for the Hungarian Banknote Printing Corporation as a receptionist.

Personal Bests: HJ – 1.64 (1938); LJ – 5.35 (1939).


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