Horatio FITCH

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    Paris 1924
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Horatio FITCH

Ray Fitch of the Chicago AA, and formerly of the University of Illinois, set a new Olympic record and a career best of 47.8 in the first semi-final of the 400 m at the Paris Games. He had finished second to Coard Taylor in the Final Trials and although Fitch soundly defeated Taylor in the Olympic final, he was beaten by Eric Liddell of Scotland. If you watched the movie "Chariots of Fire" closely you will remember a runner asking his coach before the start of the 400 meters if Liddell was anything to worry about. The coach told him to disregard Liddell, but it was a mistake. The character, who was not identified, would have been Ray Fitch.

Personal Best: 400 – 47.8 (1924).

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Paris 1924

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