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Hilda Cameron took up track and field athletics at the age of 14 and, by 1927, she was the Junior Canadian Champion in the high jump. Denied a chance to attend the 1928 Summer Olympics because of her age, she studied to become a teacher, a profession that she entered in 1932, but continued to compete on the national level. After finishing second in the 220 yards at the trials, behind Lillian Palmer, she was selected to represent Canada in that event at the 1934 British Empire Games, where she came in fifth. She was Canadian champion in the 60 metres in 1935 and won the 100 metres at her nation’s trials for the 1936 Summer Olympics. At the Games she was eliminated in the opening round of the 100 m, but advanced to the final of the 4x100 metre relay alongside Dot Brookshaw, Jeanette Dolson, and Aileen Meagher. Their time of 48.0 was slower than the Britons, the Americans, and the Germans (who set a world record in their heats), but German runner Ilse Dörffeldt dropped the baton during the final, giving the Canadians an opportunity to capture the bronze medal. After receiving the title of best female athlete in the province of Ontario that year, Cameron bowed out of active competition and focused on her teaching career until her 1973 retirement. She was made a member of the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame in 1996.

Personal Best: 100 – 12.4 (1936).

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Berlin 1936

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100 metres
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4 x 100 metres Relay
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