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Hawaiian native Heimana Reynolds, born 1998, was in many ways destined for the skateboard. His father, who heads up the family skate shop, introduced Reynolds to skating at the age of seven. In the same year Reynolds was entering his ever first skating competition urged on by his father-turned-lifetime coach.

You could also say that Reynolds was destined for the Olympics. Video footage shows a 10-year-old Reynolds speaking precociously to his local news station after a competition expressing his desire to compete one day at the Games – a statement made years before the sport’s inclusion.

From those early days Reynolds’ professional skating career continued to grow from strength-to-strength until 2019, when it positively skyrocketed. After failing to make the inaugural U.S.A. Skateboard National Team despite a silver in the world championships in 2018, Reynolds responded in the only way he knew how: to deliver his best yet.

Just four months after his omission the young park skater came first in the International Skateboarding Open’s Olympic qualifier event in Nanjing. The result boosted the American up the Olympic rankings putting him firmly on top.

In September of the same year, to remove any sense of doubt that his name should be on the Team USA roster come Tokyo, Reynolds put down a clean 88.00 in his final run at the World Skate Park World Championships in Brazil, winning him the world title. With the championship at hand, he silenced his critics, and when a new national team was announced at the end of the year Reynolds was the main event.

As the reigning park world champion hopes were high that Reynolds would achieve something great at Tokyo 2020. However, the field had other plans. Though his score of 63.09 was enough to see him finish second in his heat, it wasn't enough to see him into the top eight from across the preliminaries meaning he did not make it through to final round, and so could not compete for a medal.

While the 23-year-old may have left Tokyo empty handed he did achieve another of his aims. Ahead of the Games Reynolds shared that he wanted, "for the sport to be on this level it’s going to open everyone’s eyes to the beauty of skateboarding.” Mission accomplished.

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