Olympic Medals
Games Participations2
First Olympic GamesAntwerp 1920
Year of Birth1872


Harald Natvig was a Norwegian physician. In 1890 he became a student at the Kristiansand Cathedral School. In 1900 he was employed as a mining doctor in Bossmo. From 1903-05 Natvig prepared his dissertation at the Barnbördshuset in Helsinki. He earned his PhD in 1906, becoming a specialist in gynecology, and later served as a doctor in Bergen (1905-07) and Christiania (Oslo, 1908-13). Natvig visited several European countries to see the respective hospitals and worked as surgeon during the First Balkan War (1912-13) and in Finland during the Civil War in 1918. He documented the war in photographs that are also seen in historical works about the war and in various exhibitions. With the establishment of the Oslo Municipal Clinic for Women in 1930, Natvig became its first physician, remaining in this position until 1938. He repudiated abortion for humanitarian and social reasons.

In addition to his two gold and a bronze medal in Antwerpen Natvig won one additional gold and one silver medal in Paris in 1924. In 1931, he won the World Championship with the Norwegian team in the running dear, double shot event.

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