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Educated at Gloucester County School, Grantley Goulding, the son of a Gloucester farmer, began to establish his reputation in 1895 when he won the hurdles at nine West Country meetings. His most notable victory was over the visiting South African champion, P. Hunter, at Gloucester. Goulding was coached by the Oxford blue, J. King, and finished second to his mentor at the first Midland Championships in 1895. Later in the year he made his only appearance at the AAAs when he finished last in his heat of the 120y hurdles and was one of only two of the 10 competitors who failed to achieve the standard time of 17.0. According to Tom Curtis (USA), who won the 1896 Olympic hurdles, Goulding was the most confident athlete he had ever met. His confidence proved to be misplaced as he lost narrowly to Curtis in the final, but in fairness it should be said that Goulding was running on cinders for the first time and experienced considerable difficulty in adapting to the unfamiliar conditions. Also, while practicing in Athens, he fell heavily, damaging a knee, and was unable to train for a few days. Goulding served with the Imperial Light Horse (now the Light Horse Regiment) during the second Boer War and shortly before the 1896 Olympic Games was involved in the Relief of Ladysmith. He later returned to South Africa where he bought a farm.

Personal Best: 120yH – 16.8 (1895).

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Athens 1896

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