George Warren PHILBROOK

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George Warren PHILBROOK

George Philbrook played football and was a weight thrower at Notre Dame, and later for the Cleveland AC. Philbrook actually started at Whitman College, transferring to Notre Dame after several years, and apparently spent seven years in college, with rival schools objecting to his eligibility. In addition to the shot put and discus at the 1912 Olympics, Philbrook competed in the decathlon, but did not finish. He was sixth in the 1910 AAU All-Around.

After college Philbrook was the head football coach at Whittier College from 1927-28 and then coached at U Nevada Reno from 1929-31.

Personal Bests: SP – 14.02i (46-0i) (1912); DT – 42.66 (1914); JT – 45.06 (147-10) (1912); Dec – 6538.520 (1912).

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Stockholm 1912

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