Cross-Country SkiingCross-Country Skiing
Olympic Medals
Games Participations1
First Olympic GamesCortina d'Ampezzo 1956
Year of Birth1925


Joining the Soviet Army in 1944 changed Fyodor Terentyev’s life in many ways. Before his service, he was destined to be a smith, like many generations of ancestors before him, but now he chose a military career. In the Army he also skied competitively for the first time. Although he was from Kareliya, where skiing is a traditional activity, and he had been quite athletic in his youth, Terentyev had not skied much prior to his service due to the lack of equipment. Soon Terentyev became the Army’s best cross-country skier, winning many races by large margins. In 1950 Terentyev had his first podium finish at the Soviet Championships, placng second as a member of the Central Army Sports Club 4x10 km relay team. In the following year he got his first individual podium places at the Soviet Championships, with thirds at both 18 and 30 km. In 1954 he had a clean sweep at the Soviet Championships, placing first in all three races, 18 km, 30 km and 4x10 km relay. In 1954 he also won a silver at the World Championships in Falun as a member of the Soviet 4x10 km relay team. Terentyev went to the 1956 Winter Olympics as the top Soviet cross country skier, but his results were disappointing. He finished sixth and last of the Soviets in the 30 km and won bronze in 50 km. But in the relay race, Terentyev skied an impressive first leg, and largely due to this, the Soviets won the gold medal. Although Terentyev had many podium finishes at the Soviet Championships from 1957-59, he won only one in during that time, in the relay, and he was not selected to the 1960 Winter Olympic team, but in 1958 he was a member of the Soviet relay team that won silver at the World Championships. In 1962 Terentyev won his last Soviet Championship in the 50 km. On 20 January 1963, after winning a 30 km race at the Soviet Army championships near Kavgolovo, Fyodor Terentyev collapsed after the finish and died on his way to hospital.

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