Games Participations1
First Olympic GamesSt. Louis 1904
Year of Birth1875


Félix Carvajal was from Habana, Cuba, where he was known as a long-distance runner. During the Spanish-American War, he delivered war dispatches by running, including once running the length of the Cuban island in 16 days. He raised money to come to the 1904 Olympics by petitioning the mayor of Habana for funds by running around the city hall. Various stories abound concerning Carvajal in the United States, including that he lost his money playing craps in New Orleans on his way to St. Louis. In St. Louis, he was planning on running in trousers, but it is said that Martin Sheridan assisted him by cutting them down to the length of running shorts.

After the St. Louis Olympics Carvajal stayed in St. Louis through 1905 and competed for the Missouri Athletic Club. He ran some exhibitions and a few local marathons, placing third in the 1905 Missouri AC marathon, and then returned to Cuba. In 1909, when professional marathoning became popular in the United States, after the 1908 Dorando Olympic fiasco, he ran several marathons in the US but with no significant finishes.

Personal Best: Mar – 3-44:00 (1905).

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