Charles MAYER

United States of America USA


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    1 G
    1 S
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    St. Louis 1904
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Charles MAYER

Charles Mayer is the only boxer from the 1904 Olympics to have won a U.S. national championship in another year. After winning the Olympic middleweight championship in 1904, he added the 1905 AAU middleweight championship. Mayer fought in the heavyweight division in 1904 only to appease the crowd who wanted to see him fight the heavyweight champion, Sam Berger. Though outweighed by 22 lbs. (180-158), Mayer put up a good fight but lost by decision.

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St. Louis 1904

Middleweight (≤158 pounds)
Middleweight (≤158 pounds) Boxing
Heavyweight (>158 pounds)
Heavyweight (>158 pounds) Boxing