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Béla Mező competed for MAC Budapest. During his sporting carrier, he set national records in the long jump and in the 100-yards, winning national championships. He was selected to represent Hungary at the 1904 Olympics in St Louis. Unfortunately, due to the rough transtlantic crossing and related stomach ailments, he did not compete in full form and ran in his Olympic heats quite unwell. Thus he was not able to match his championship performance levels.

Following his sporting career he became a well-respected surgeon and adjunct professor of the medical school, and held several patents including a surgical powder used widely to treat post op wounds. In his later years he developed special treatments for the sympathetic nervous system of the body.

Personal Bests: 100y – 10.1 (1903); 220y – 23.2 (1903); TJ – 13.61 (1903); LJ – 6.76 (1903).

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St. Louis 1904

#4 h3 r1/2
60 metres
60 metres Athletics
#3 h1 r1/2
100 metres
100 metres Athletics
Long Jump
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