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Games Participations1
First Olympic GamesTokyo 2020
Year of Birth1984
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France-born Bassa Mawem is one half of a brotherly duo who have made a big impact on sport climbing – with Bassa setting the Olympic speed climbing record in Tokyo before injury kept him out of the combined final.

At 36 years old heading to Japan, Mawem was the oldest climber on the Olympic roster but there’s no sign of ageing when it comes to his hunger and desire to succeed. He was 15 years old when he seemingly stumbled upon climbing, realising his natural ability led it to become something of a passion for him.

It was something he shared with his brother Mickaël, recalling how climbing would be an anchor of sorts for the two of them.

“We did some silly things at some points, like every kid, but climbing was always here to reframe us, to show us the right way,” he told Olympics.com.

Despite being incredibly strong – which fares him well in bouldering – he specialises in speed and much of his success has been founded on it. He earned his spot on the French team in 2011, and just two years later became a French Champion recording a record time of under six seconds.

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