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    Athens 1896
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Arthur BLAKE

Indirectly Arthur Blake played a major part in the American participation at the first Modern Olympic Games. After winning a 1,000y race at Mechanic's Hall in Boston in January 1896, he jokingly remarked, "Oh, I am too good for Boston. I ought to go over and run the marathon in Athens." The remark was overheard by a stockbroker, Arthur Burnham, who offered to finance the trip of the U.S. team to Greece. Burnham did not finance the whole trip, but a substantial portion of it, and Blake's remark was the impetus that brought him into the agreement. In Athens, Blake placed second in the 1,500 m with a time of 4:34.0, which was hardly comparable with his best times at home, where he held the Boston AA indoor record for the mile with 4:39.8. Blake, a Harvard grad ('93), also ran the marathon in Athens, but dropped out after 14 miles. Arthur Blake settled in Dedham, Massachusetts, where he became a successful insurance salesman and a well-known golfer and sailor.

Personal Bests: 1500 – unknown; Mile – 4:39.8i (1895); Mar – unknown.

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Athens 1896

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