Adolfo HORTA

Cuba CUB


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    1 S
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    Moscow 1980
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Adolfo HORTA

Adolfo Horta was one of the great lighter weight amateur boxers of the late 1970s and 1980s. At Moskva in 1980 he won a silver medal as a featherweight. He was a three-time World Champion, winning as a bantamweight in 1978, a featherweight in 1982, and a lightweight in 1986. Horta also won two titles at the Pan American Games, winning as a lightweight in 1979 and a featherweight in 1983. Horta was a 10-time Cuban Champion, winning his first title in 1976. At the famed Giraldo Córdova Cardín international tournament, Horta won the title nine times. He won gold at the Central American and Caribbean Championships three times (1976-77, 1982).

Horta later became a regional coach in Camagüay, and coached for various times in Mexico. In later life, he fell on very hard times and died impoverished.

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Moscow 1980

Featherweight (≤57 kilograms)
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