Vincent ZHOU

Stati Uniti d'America
SquadraStati Uniti d'America
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Medaglie Olimpiche
Prima partecipazionePyeongChang 2018
Anno di Nascita2000


American Vincent Zhou made his Olympic debut at PyeongChang 2018, where he finished sixth. He made history at those Games, becoming the first skater to land a quadruple Lutz jump in the short program.

The 21-year-old won the bronze medal at the World Championships in 2019, and won his first Grand Prix title in 2021 at Skate America, beating both Nathan Chen and Uno Shoma.

He is based in Colorado and coached by a team there led by Tom Zakrajsek. Both his maternal and paternal grandparents live in China, and Zhou said his choosing of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" for his free skate in the 2022 Olympic season was a nod to his Chinese heritage.

In Beijing, Zhou skated in the team event men's free skate, but struggled, landing a few under-rotated jumps before singling a planned quadruple flip. However, that was enough to help the U.S. to silver in the team event (as of 2 March 2022, the results of the team event are provisional). It was later revealed that Zhou tested positive for Covid-19, ruling him out of the individual event.

I recognise I have the ambition and determination and perseverance and work ethic to get where I dream of being

Vincent ZHOU

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