Kelley LAW

Médailles olympiques
Première participationSalt Lake City 2002
Année de naissance1966


After losing in the semifinals at the 1997 Olympic trials, Kelley Law was more determined than ever to earn her way into representing Canada at the Olympic Games as the skip (captain) of her own rink (team). By the time her next opportunity arrived in 2001 she had won the 2000 World Championships and had five British Columbian provincial-level ones under her belt. After capturing the Olympic trials she took her team, which consisted of Diane Nelson as lead, Georgina Wheatcroft as second, and Julie Skinner as third, to an 8-1 record going into the playoffs, but a loss against Great Britain during the semifinal relegated them to a bronze medal faceoff against the United States, which they won. Needing some time off from the sport, Law disbanded her team in 2003 and became a certified real estate agent for RE/MAX prior to returning to curling in 2006. She was joined by Wheatcroft, who now played third with Law, as well as Shannon Aleksic (second) and Darah Provencal (lead). Together they captured a B.C. provincial title in 2007, but exited the national championship with a losing record. Wanting to focus on work, Law split up her team once again after the tournament and did not return until 2009. When she did, Aleksic and Provencal rejoined the lineup and Wheatcroft, now the skip of her own rink, was replaced by Jody Maskiewich.

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