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    Stockholm 1912
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George Smith Patton, Jr. was one the greatest military generals ever produced in the United States. Born in San Gabriel, California on 11 November 1885, he was from a wealthy family. He eventually married into more wealth, his wife, Beatrice Ayer, being the daughter of a Massachusetts textile magnate.

After attending school in Pasadena, Patton enrolled at the Virginia Military Institute. From there he went to the United States Military Academy at West Point. He graduated from West Point in 1909, and was commissioned as a second lieutenant.

Efforts to find much about Patton's athletic career have yielded little. At West Point he went out for football, but broke both his arms and never played. He ran on the track team and apparently set a school record in the hurdles in his senior year. He competed in the broadswords at West Point, earning letters in his senior year in track & field, fencing, and sharpshooting (rifle and pistol). He never competed nationally in track & field or in fencing.

In addition to those three sports, Patton was an accomplished horseman. With the family's background he had grown up with horses, and became an well-known polo player. With his ability in running, fencing, shooting, and riding, Patton was a natural to represent the United States in the first Olympic modern pentathlon event at the Stockholm Olympics. Still, almost nothing is known about how he was selected to the team, as he had little national reputation.

Résultats olympiques

Résultats olympiques
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Stockholm 1912

Individual Modern Pentathlon