Dorothy Elizabeth BROOKSHAW

Médailles olympiques
Première participationBerlin 1936
Année de naissance1912


Dot Brookshaw's first attempt to represent Canada at the Olympics came in 1932 at the national trials, but she did not make the team. In February 1933 she received an injury to her spine when she was thrown from a car that crashed into a tree, but she recovered quickly enough to participate in that year's national championships in August and win the 4×100 metre relay alongside Mildred Fizzell and the non-Olympians Peggy Mathieson and Irene Storey. She finished fifth in the 100 metres at the trials for the 1936 Summer Olympics, behind Hilda Cameron, Aileen Meagher, Jeanette Dolson, and the non-Olympian Thelma Norris, but was selected to represent Canada in the 4×100 m relay despite the spots traditionally going to the top four placers. At the Games the Canadians came in second in their opening heat, advancing to the final, but their time of 48.0 was slower than the Britons, the Americans, and the Germans (who set a world record in their heats). In the final, it looked as if the race for gold was between the United States and Germany, but German runner Ilse Dörffeldt dropped the baton, which gave the Americans the top podium spot, the British squad silver, and the Canadians a bronze medal. Brookshaw retired from active competition shortly after the Games.

Personal Best: 100 – 12.6 (1936).

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