Michael CHANG

Estados Unidos de América
EquipoEstados Unidos de América
Primera participaciónBarcelona 1992
Año de nacimiento1972


Michael Chang was a professional tennis player who played from 1988-2003. He played singles at the 1992 and 2000 Olympics. Chang was best known as a professional for winning the 1989 French Open when he was only 17-years-old. This made him the first American to win that title since Tony Trabert in 1955. Chang never won another Grand Slam event but lost in the finals in 1996 at both the Australian and US Opens. He won 34 professional singles titles in his career, and reached a top world ranking of #2 in September 1996. He rarely played doubles.

Chang was chairman of ATP Tour Charities in 1994. He was known for his devotion to Christianity and later attended Biola University to study the Bible, eventually serving on the Biola University Board of Trustees. He was a spokesman for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in the USA. Chang also coached tennis pros.

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