Islas Caimán
EquipoIslas Caimán
Primera participaciónBarcelona 1992
Año de nacimiento1950


Mark Clarke competed at both the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games as well as at the Pan American Games and the Central American and Caribbean Games. Clarke was a police officer who started his career with the Jamaican Police but later moved to the Cayman Island police, where he became a detective, retiring around 2000. Clarke’s death was circumstantial as in late October 2013 he went sailing on a solo fishing trip, leaving Rackley’s Canal in the North Sound area of the Caymans aboard his 25-foot boat “Badger.” The next day his empty boat was found wedged on a coral reef off Cayman Kai. A search and rescue mission ensued but his body was never recovered.

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